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The Tankwa Padstal & Restaurant is owned and managed by Susan & Hein Lange

The Tankwa Padstal operates as a general dealer that caters for the farm worker who needs parts for his primus, tabacco, basic medicine, tin food and other basic goods.

It is the only shop within a 50 to 100km radius and transport for the local community is a challenge. Stock includes a large variety of toys, guitars, bicycles, TDK cassette tapes and lots of stock that is very unique and difficult to find anywhere else.

Bikes at the Padstal The local business is very important for us and we strive to meet the needs of the community.

The Tankwa Padstal also has customers from cities and other towns across South Africa and all over the world. With its unique atmosphere it attracts customers from all demographics.

Our restaurant is famous for its roosterkoek and freshly made high quality food. It serves breakfast and lunch and a wide range of treats. There is a wide variety of preserves to choose from that is all made at the business premises.

The property also has a private air landing strip, and has a constant fly in, for coffee, breakfast, relaxing daytrip in the Karoo.


Flying Saucer

What is the story behind the flying saucer?

On 17 June 2021, this strange object "fell" into the Karoo soil at Tankwa Padstal. This was the brainchild of padstal owners Hein and Susan Lange. The flying saucer was their way to focus some attention on the Tankwa Karoo and to promote tourism.

Since the drought of the past years had such a terrible impact on the farming community of the Tankwa, many folk had to make other plans to survive. Tourism was the answer and many farms started offering self catering or B&B accommodation. Hence, Tankwa  Karoo Tourism was founded 

The flying saucer is 10 meter in diameter and can be seen from a distance.

Space Men
These strange figures supposedly crawled outof their flying saucer when it crash-landed at the Tankwa padstal.

Wynkaptein is a 1979 Peugeot 504GR that found his last place of rest at the Tankwa Padstal.

Buried in glorious style by the Nuts & Bolts,  a brotherhood of men that are fanatic about cars that are older than 1986.

Read the full story ...


December Rain

Heavy rain earlier in December made the R355 difficult to navigate. 

11 December 2022

Die #R355 is ook een groot rivier, en dis byna onmoontlik om by die Padstal in of uit te gaan.
Sutherland is ook tans onbereikbaar.
Dit was ń wolkbreuk met 42mm reën tot nou! Wind was skrikwekkend sterk en watertafel styg nog steeds.
Susan en Hein woon al 13 jaar in die Tankwa, en het nog nooit so iets beleef nie!


Our Place

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